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The course "Pop Art" is dedicated to the most outrageous, popular, and timely topic that has become a classic in nail art at all times.

The course is performed with gel polishes, which are ideal for conveying the specifics of the style.

You asked and we did it!
Liliya's first nail art course with English subtitles is out now!

Program of the course
11 beautiful hot nail art designs, step-by-step.

All classes come with schemes for each design and very detailed explanations.

  • Portrait in 3/4 angle
    Drawing faces in classic half-turn (schemes for constructing faces are adapted to small nail tips).
  • Pop art letter techniques
    We will learn various techniques for writing words in the pop art style.
  • Mickey candy
    Compositions with lips, nose, tongue and Mickey candy
  • Body shapes
    The study of the proportions of a full-length figure in different poses (a scheme for constructing a figure on small nail tips).
  • Candy lips
    Compositions with lips, tongue and delicious candy.
  • Heeels
    High heels in the style of pop art.
  • Show me your teeth
    We will be creating compositions with lips, teeth, and cherries.
  • Mysterious woman in a hat
    Painting a portrait of a woman in a hat in the style of pop art.
Liliya Nigmatullina
  • She is the most professional and famous nail artist in Russia,
  • with more than 17 years of experience in creating and teaching nail art.
  • She has received thousands of grateful reviews.

This is the first time her class is available with English subtitles!
  • The course will be on the Telegram app. It's easy to download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  • You can watch the course on any device
  • Watch the course any time, any place, as much as you want; after joining the class, you will have unlimited access to the course
  • While learning, you are welcome to ask questions and send photos of your homework for Liliya to check
  • After completing the course, you can get a Certificate in English
  • ~ $23 50$
    ~ €20 €46
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